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Top 10 Air Traffic Control Consulting/Services Companies - 2020

Once the COVID-19 pandemic retreats, the aviation industry is predicted to swiftly rollup and get back on its upward trajectory. The recent years have witnessed extreme growth in air traffic, and the trend is only going to continue. The number of flights and airline passengers are predicted to be doubled by the end of the next decade. The industry has started to realize the significance of embracing more digitalization and efficient technologies in the wake of this growing demand.

The implementation of remote digital towers (RDT) has been a significant step in this digital revolution. For instance, in 2019, Scandinavian Mountains Airport in Sweden became the first airport to be built without a traditional control tower and marked a new era in air traffic control. Advancements in high-definition digital surveillance technology, data transmission and processing, and cyber-resilience are certainly going to make the industry move increasingly toward RDTs.

Also, many innovations are ongoing in the ground-to-air connectivity landscape as the traditional communication protocols are facing increasing pressure. Even though the passenger planes are a very different prospect from those that were used earlier, the air traffic control radio communication systems between controllers and pilots have remained broadly the same for decades. However, today, the concept of connected aircraft is transforming aviation operations. It’s changing the way how flights operate and makes aviation safer, reliable, efficient, and easy to manage. Inventions are happening on optimizing the transmission of digital information between pilots, air traffic control (ATC), and airline operations centers using internet protocol suites (IPS), which could drastically improve ATC communications and data exchanges.

At this juncture, there are a variety of air traffic control consulting/services companies are available in the market that caters to different needs of the airports and air traffic management. To help choose the services that best fit your requirement, Aerospace and Defense Review has compiled this edition. The enlisted companies are the frontrunners in the market that provide a wide span of offerings. Besides, the magazine also comprises insights from thought leaders in the sector on the industry trends, best practices, recent innovations, and their advice for the aspiring CIOs.

 We present to you Aerospace and Defense Review’s, “Top 10 Air Traffic Control Consulting/Services Companies – 2020.”

    Top Air Traffic Control Consulting/Services Companies

  • The Washington Consulting Group, Inc. is a premier provider of professional services to both the commercial aviation industry and service providers at the international level. It's core capabilities are ATM management, technical training and operational support.WCG is able to address virtually any management, operational, or technical aviation requirement in both domestic and foreign settings. The company takes pride in its procedural ability and expertise in adapting strategies to produce innovative, effective solutions to complex challenges

  • Veracity Engineering is an industry leader in aviation engineering and management consulting. The tool provides secure communication for users in operations control centers, ramp towers, and gatehouses for efficient management and quick decision-making. Another one of Veracity’s solutions making waves in the aviation industry is SurfaceView—an integrated radar, ADS-B, and camera-based system that provides surface situational awareness and security capabilities to small and mid-size airports without surface surveillance capabilities

  • Advanced ATC

    Advanced ATC

    AATC specializes in the ATC industry providing contracting solutions for the public, private, and international sectors. We are commited to providing our clients with specialized knowledge and exceptional service while building long-term relationships grounded in honesty and integrity. Advanced ATC Consulting Services provides expertise in but not limited to: ATC Service Provider, Training Program Design, Accident Investigation, Airspace Management, Airport Design, Airport Capacity Management and Ramp Tower Management

  • Airbus UTM

    Airbus UTM

    Airbus UTM utilizes a proprietary simulation environment to examine the airspace of the future. To use this environment to create data sets for scenarios that simply don't exist yet: like wide scale drone delivery in urban areas. The company simulation prototype allows us to better understand these future environments, developing the low altitude UTM services needed today with the long term UTM ecosystem in view. That long term UTM ecosystem is one that integrates UTM effectively into the existing and evolving air traffic management (ATM) framework

  • Cavan Solutions

    Cavan Solutions

    Cavan Solutions is a woman-owned aviation consulting company that combines systems engineering, operational expertise, and government business acumen to realize benefits of the evolving National Airspace System. Many core NAS systems have been modernized which shifts the focus of continued evolution from development to integration. Cavan Solutions’ significant experience aligns perfectly with an integration focus. We offer support services that “connect the dots” to integrate, optimize and realize benefits for new capabilities. We are hands-on trusted advisors to aviation stakeholders

  • ClancyJG International

    ClancyJG International

    Business partners John Clancy and Donald Rhea have over 75 years combined technical, management, operations, and maintenance experience with Federal, State, and Local Municipalities including the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), Department of Defense (DoD), and major prime contractors, suppliers, and vendors

  • CTSi


    CTSi specializes in high-tech solutions for our customers high-tech programs. These programs include the Navy Unmanned Combat Air System, the Next Generation Jammer program, and several Unmanned System programs such as the NASA Generic Transport Model program. We even provide training courses for Systems Engineering and certain highly technical navigation programs. Founded in 2005, CTSi is a small business focusing on technical solutions and services for our Department of Defense, NASA and commercial customers

  • LS Technologies

    LS Technologies

    LST initially offered cost-effective on-site telecommunications field infrastructure support services to the FAA. One of Tom’s earliest employees, Dale Olpin, remains with the company today as the VP, Operational Services. In 2001, Tom brought Derek Bigelow on board as a business partner and financial manager; today Derek is LST’s CFO. LS Technologies is a proven provider of engineering, programmatic, and technical services to both the Federal Government and private industry

  • Midwest ATC

    Midwest ATC

    Midwest ATC airfield managers provide the full range of airfield management services expected at military installations including airport construction activities and completing advance coordination with the appropriate agencies, resulting in interference free construction schedules.Our airfield managers have indepth experience in developing aircraft parking plans for the entire airfield for the various types of aircraft utilizing the tarmac. They can accommodate flight planning and flight publication maintenance activities to support movement of increasing numbers of aircraft

  • Robinson Aviation

    Robinson Aviation

    Founded in 1986, RVA began providing air traffic control services in 1994 as a prime contractor in the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Contract Tower (FCT) Program. We currently employ over 450 air traffic controllers, supervisors, and managers at 97 air traffic control towers under this Program. RVA operates two non-federal towers and one Army National Guard (ARNG) tower. We also conduct ramp tower operations at JFK International Airport and Ft. Lauderdale International Airport. In addition, RVA has maintenance agreements with 14 airports to provide maintenance for ATC communications equipment/systems and a contract with the Army National Guard (ARNG) for airfield ATC communications system maintenance at six Army Airfields distributed throughout the lower 48 states and one in Alaska